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Friday, August 12, 2011

"Kin's Castle Rock"

Kin's Castle Rock

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Kin's Castle Rock

     N 26 27.309E 127 55.407

Kin's Castle Rock 

At one time, Kin Town had a small castle. The last remnants of this castle is a stone that sits underneath a large tree in Kin Town (See picture album above). Next to the stone is a smaller stone with the Kanji meaning, "Stone belonging to the Castle of Kin". Okinawa has many large castle ruins island-wide, but little is publicly documented on the castle in Kin or its exact location. Next to the "Kin's Castle Rock" is a large rusted, metal gear intentionally planted in stone. There is no description or inscription next to it describing its purpose. (Update: August 15, 2011 - This was a metal press used by farmers decades ago to derive juice from sugar canes. A cow or horse would be tied to a cog wheel and turn to press against another press squeezing the juice out of the sugar canes.)

Perhaps like in many historical relics in Okinawa, The "Castle Rock from Kin Town" is yet another mysterious objects forgotten in time.

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