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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"Okawa the Natural Spring in Kin Town"

Kin Town's Okawa the Natural Spring

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The Natural Spring (Okawa in Kin))

     N 26 27.246E 127 55.674

Okawa the Natural Spring

Okawa is the name of the Natural Spring in Kin. You can park off to the side. Some people stop by to collect the water for variety of reasons. Some will clean their clothes there (it doesn't happen often). Nevertheless the water does look clean and fresh.

I drank the water...and still alive. Drink at your own risk. It does look fresh though. If it is a hot will be tempted.

There is an old playground across from it...

Okawa is a great place to sit and have a lunch or a short drink.

Okawa is off Highway 329. You will see a 'Family Mart' before you turn off to the road to go to Okawa. The road is downhill and is covered by green asphalt.

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