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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"Oshiro Kozo of Kin"

Oshiro Kozo of Kin

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Statue of Oshiro Kozo of Kin

     N 26 27.299E 127 55.355

Statue of Oshiro Kozo in Kin

This is the Statue of Oshiro Kozo. According to the inscription, this statue was erected in 2004. There was an original statue that was destroyed during or after World War II. The original statue was said to be in Naha.

There were two famous people from Kin. One is Toyoma Kyuzo and the other is Oshiro Kozo. Toyoma-san is known as the "Father of Okinawan Emigration" and was the first to be responsible for Okinawans to emigrate (from Kin to Hawaii). He is more well known that Oshiro-san. Toyoma-san's statue is also in Kin and can be seen pointing to Hawaii (I'll have a separate post on this soon). Oshiro-san also helped Kin villagers emigrate, but it was to the Philippines. Hence his known as the "Father of Okinawan Philippine Emigration".

Before World War II, Oshiro-san helped Okinawans from Kin emigrate to the Philippines in search for opportunity. Things were going well till the War. The result of World War II had created bad feelings towards Okinawan immigrants, and eventually the small growing community of Okinawans ceased to exist.

A link to read more about the Okinawan emigration to the Philippines please go to this Google Book Link. The title is called "Okinawan Diaspora" By Ronald Y. Nakasone. Chapter 5 particularly talks bout immigration to the Philippines.

Oshiro-san died at the age of 54 around 1935. His statue was in honor of him.

Please also read about Toyoma  Kyuzo, or read blog post here.

Near this statue is what I call the "Kin Tower" which oversees parts of Kin. There is small area for shade and field if you wish to do a picnic or play some ball.

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