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Map It! Okinawa's Ad Program

Welcome to Map It! Okinawa's Ad Program,                                         Updated, July 7, 2013

Map It! Okinawa offers a easy ad program to help your business. Below is information regarding our ad policy. Please contact us a for pricing or for more information. 

Ad Pricing - General Ads vs Coupon Ads
General Ads – Both General Ads and Coupon Ads are Free!!! We encourage, however, that businesses offer some kind of coupon ad – a 'discount' or a 'free offering' of a service or product of your choice. The code words "Map It! Okinawa" must be visible on the coupon/or in the text next to it. The terms of the coupon (coupon expiration date etc.) are set by the participating businesses. All ads will have at 'least' a 100x80 image banner along with text of 30-40 characters (a space is not counted as a character space and the words "Map It! Okinawa" will not be included in this count). See Coupon Ad description below under "What Kind of Ads Can You Post". 

Ad Philosophy
One of the strengths of Map It! Okinawa is its connection between the people and the many beautiful places here on Okinawa. When it comes to advertising, we want to expand this connection with businesses partners. With a personal touch we want to be responsive to your needs in getting you as much business as possible. All too often too many events and commercial places go unnoticed for various reasons – remote location, language barrier, a never-heard-of event, etc. Our goal is to amplify this connection between you and the customer. We share a mutual symbiotic relationship. Map It! Okinawa has a vested interest in seeing you succeed. Your success makes us relevant as an advertising platform.

More importantly, we don't plan on staying with the status quo. If we can provide new ways to promote ads in a improved and beneficial way, we will do so. All too often, well-established businesses make no attempt to modify or improve their business model because of previous success. This creates stagnation and monotony and one that does not benefit either party in the long run.

What Kind of Ads Can You Post - Below is a general guideline, but we aim to promote 'commercial enterprises only'. Some exemptions may apply.
General Ads —
Travel Ads – Promote hotel bookings, air travel, tours and more – to and from Okinawa and abroad.
In-House Business Ads – Link your website and promote your 'business' here on Okinawa.
Internet Business Ads – If you have an online business and wish to promote your ad internationally.
Special Event Ads – Advertise a specific event (concert, festival, sales event etc.) here on Okinawa.
Special Book Promotions Ads – Promote books on Okinawa/Japanese Culture & History.
Artist Promotion Ads – If you are an artist (drawing, music etc.) residing in Japan or Okinawa you can promote your album, band, or concert event and more.
Organizational Promotion Ads – Promote various museums, clubs, or other organizations that support Okinawan culture and history. Sport clubs also fall under this catagory.
Miscellaneous Ads – This is for ads that may not meet the criteria above but deemed suitable for our ad platform.
Coupon Ads — (Highly Recommended)
Everyone loves a deal. Coupon Ads helps you get the business while making the customer very happy. The format and style is similar to that of a General Ad, however the code words "Map It! Okinawa" must be visible on the coupon/or in the text next to it. The terms of the coupon (coupon expiration date etc.) are set by the participating businesses. All ads will have 100x80 image banner along with text of 30-40 characters (a space is not counted as a character space and the words "Map It! Okinawa will not be included in this count). 

Ad Restrictions
Because Map It! Okinawa is a family oriented website, we will cannot post anything related to pornography, or to those entities related to the adult entertainment industry, such as exotic dance clubs. We will also not post any ads related to social networks related to dating sites. If there are any businesses that may be deemed too sensitive for public advertising then we may decline your advertising request, or if the advertisement banner you send to us is seemingly inappropriate in content then we will decline your ad request. Each business will be reviewed individually upon their request. Because our goal is to support the local or worldwide business, we aim to support 'commercial enterprises only'. Some exemptions may apply.

Language Format
Text can be in English or in Japanese or both.

Banner Ad Size and Description for General and Coupon Ads
The look for a General Ad and Coupon Ad are similar. The image banner is at 'least' 100x80 in pixel dimension. The image can be a jpg, png, or gif. Next to the image, you can add a brief description of 30-40 characters of text (a space is not counted as a character space). Both the image banner and text will link to your website or information pertaining to your organization. All ads will be displayed randomly to keep the site fresh. Text can be a in English, Japanese, or combination of both. Text must be 30 to 40 characters. For Coupons Ads, the words "Map It! Okinawa" will not count towards your allotted text space. 

Ad Duration
You can post your ad for one month up to 1 year.

I don't know how to create a banner ad, can you help me?
Yes of course, and at no charge. The only thing we ask is that you send us the information you would like on the banner, as well as pictures and images (logo etc). In order for this service to be free, we cannot purchase images from stock photography to use for your banner. If we do have images in our library then we will use them at no charge. You must own the copyright and/or trademark of all your image products you send us.

Is there is a limit on ads spaces per business or organization?
Currently, we have not set up a hard limit on the number of ads/coupons per business entity or organization. This will be on a case by case basis. As of right now, we have a limit of 60 ad spaces for the 100x80 Banner Ads. In the future we will be working on providing more spaces available.

Sign-up List
All ad request are on a first-come, first-serve basis. If we are full then we will ad you to the waiting list in the order the request was received and try to accommodate your needs as much as possible . We will however, continue to try to create more ad spaces in the future.

How do I get started?
Simple, just contact us at

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