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Monday, August 1, 2011

"The Awase War Memorial"

Awase War Memorial

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Awase War Memorial

     N 26 18.799E 127 49.776

The Awase War Memorial

This war memorial is dedicated to the 900 people from Awase who died as a result of World War II. There is a big stone that lies in front with kanji written on it. It says "The Tower of Awase". Behind this big stone lies a tall wall with the 900 names of the deceased etched in stone.

Size. The size of the entire memorial is not big. It's about 20 feet wide and 100 feet long. It is partly fenced off to let people know that it is not a place to make a short cut through, but it's not locked. You can easily walk in. There are signs that say "please keep it the area clean" in kanji. But it does not say keep out. You should be able to go in and take pictures. Again, just use common sense and consider it as a place of reverence.

How to find this place. It is better to use the map above to guide you in. It is near the Awase Bay and across from Hiyagon Swamp. Also, it is across from another San-A store (see pink thumbtack above). The memorial is next to the nearby main road but you would never know the place even existed because the back of the memorial is covered by trees. I even walked passed it and didn't notice it. There is a statue of two kids near this memorial (behind it). I don't know what it means yet, but will find out.

Parking. There is ample parking near the Awase Bay. See green thumbtack above.

What to bring. Camera, water, umbrella, mosquito repellant.

Other nearby places of interest: Awase Shrine, Bird Observation Point (Hiyagon Swamp, Awase), "Takahara Ditch", God of Fire Utaki, Kanomou Well, Ubugaa.

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