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Saturday, August 6, 2011

"The Toguchi Village War Memorial"

The Toguchi War Memorial - Toguchi Village (Near Kitanakagusuku)

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The Toguchi Shrine

     N 26 18.268E 127 48.524

The Toguchi Village War Memorial

This is a small war memorial in the village of Toguchi near Kitanakagusuku and Awase.
It is collocated near the main entrance of "Midori Park" or "Green Park". The Kanji on the big head stone means, "War Memorial".

At the foot of the shrine, you see two marble rectangular objects on opposite ends. Each have the names of the war deceased inscribed in them. It is believed that the names are of people that once lived in the Village of Toguchi. (The War Memorial does not explicitly specify that the people were actually from the Village of Toguchi).

Other places of interest: The Toguchi War Memorial is right next to "Midori Park" or "Green Park". After visiting the shrine, you may be interested walking around "Green Park". You may get a small workout since it is built on an incline. If you look on the map you will also see "The Park of Mysteries" not to far away. See the map.

Parking. Look at the Green thumbtack in the map. Parking is tight. I would stick to the main route (highlighted in blue on the map) at first. The village across from the shrine has some very narrow roads if you try to go through by car.

What to bring. Umbrella for shading, rain, and removing spider webs. Definitely bring water and a camera. Bring a lunch box if you think you will be there for a while. It's good for a quiet picnic.

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