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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"Kin Watch Tower - Panoramic View"

Panoramic View from the Kin Watch Tower

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Kin Watch Tower - Panoramic View

     N 26 27.290E 127 55.366

Kin Watch Tower - Panoramic View

If you are into vistas or panoramic views and happen to be in Kin Town (near Camp Hansen), then this might be a spot you like for a short rest and view area. There are several small attractions here in Kin, like the Kin Kannonji Temple/Cave and the Okawa Natural Spring. Afterwards, you may want to visit this tower and just rest and take in the view. Have a short "bento box" or picnic while you're there. The 25 foot tower is not of significant historical importance, but I thought the Okinawan explorer should know about it as they venture to see other things around Kin Town. It's not really visible even when you drive right past it. But the view from the top might be worth the 5 minute stop. Just take it all in and feel the nice breeze. The view is somewhat obstructed by telephone wires that cut across it, but you still get a pretty view of the area. Click on the picture album to get an idea.

There is a small picnic table underneath the tower. The tower is also on a small open field if your kids and family want to play catch or ball. The bathroom facility may or may be locked. On the other side of the field, lies the Statue of Oshiro Kozo, the father of "Okinawan Emigration to the Philippines".  Parking is limited. Please see the greenthumb tack in the map.

What to bring. Umbrella, water, camera, recreational toys like a football or baseball gloves/ball, lunch box.

Other places of nearby interest. Statue of Oshiro Kozo, Okawa Natural Spring, Kin Kannonji Temple, Kin's Castle Rock, Richamocha Cafe, The Gold Hall, Kinjo's Used Goods, Kin Town's Hidden Nature Trail, Statue of Toyoma KyuzoBirth Place of Toyoma KyuzoKin Town's History Chronicles, Kin Town's Cherry Blossom Way.

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