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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

"Haneji Dam Koinobori Festival, Nago City"

Koinobori (Carp Streamers) at the Haneji Dam

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Haneji Dam Koinobori Festival

     N 26 36.527E 128 01.195

Haneji Dam Koinobori Festival, Nago City

Every year at the Haneji Dam, Nago City host the Koinobori Matsuri (loosely translated as the Festival of the Carp Streamers) in celebration of Japan's National Holiday called 'Kodomo no hi', Children's Day (May 5th). Various activities are spread throughout the two days for family and children to enjoy together. The carps streamers at the Haneji Dam (seen above) were hoisted during Golden Week (about a week prior to the festival) and adds a wonderful touch to the scenery. If you have never been to Haneji Dam then it is worth checking out. It is one of the more scenic dams here on Okinawa. Mark the calendar! It's Nago City's Koinobori Matsuri at the Haneji Dam.

Festival Information.
Festival Name. Haneji Dam Koinobori Matsuri (羽地 ダム 鯉のぼり 祭り)
Time Period. Normally, last weekend of Golden Week (2017, May 6-7, Sat, Sun, 9:00am-17:30pm) – Children's Day May 5th.
Website. Nago Events Facebook Page .
Parking. Available on location. Shuttle services also available from a satellite parking area in Nago City. See website above for map of satellite parking location.
Recommendations. It is recommended you bring your own shade or sun protection. Bring extra clothing/towel in case you or your children plan on getting wet.

For photos of Haneji Dam during the off season visit

For more information about Children's Day visit

Directions. Because the festival occurs during the peak of Golden Week and it also falls on a weekend, using Highway 58 through Nago City during this time may not be your best option if you wish to avoid traffic. Chances are it will be highly congested. Furthermore, if you use the Expressway, getting off on Exit 10 in Kyodo will probably not be any better as well. Chances are this too will be highly congested as you merge onto Highway 58. The following directions is believed to be the quickest and the most scenic way to access the Haneji Dam: Take the Expressway, exit off Exit 9 in Ginoza Village and then take Highway 329 north into Nago City. Once you past the Marine Base, Camp Schwab, you will take Highway 331 as if you are traveling on the east side of the island. About 3-4 km later you will see signs for Highway 18 (annotated by the green line in the map above). This route will take you to the other side of Nago City. Follow this Highway till you see road signs for Haneji Dam. The turn-off to Haniji Dam is marked by the yellow line in the map above. It will be be very noticeable on were the park area of the dam is located. Note: If you continue straight on the green route, you will run into the Orion Brewery.