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Monday, August 29, 2011

"Haneji Dam Family Picnic Area"

Haneji Dam Family Picnic Area

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Haneji Dam Family Picnic Area

     N 26 36.527E 128 01.195

Haneji Dam Family Picnic Area

If you are looking for a great place for a family picnic, this is the place. This is the Haneji Dam family picnic grounds in Nago. Though somewhat out of the way, it may be a great stop on your way back from the Ocean Expo Park or nearby areas. The best time to be there is when the afternoon sun has somewhat subsided into the treeline or if it is cloudy day.

You will mostly likely see other families there playing in the water (see photo album above). Just park your car and relax a bit. There is a visible post of what is not allowed: No overnight camping, no pets off the leash, take out any pet droppings, and leave no trash. Basically, pack out what you bring in. They do have some provided shade, but you may want to bring your own shade just in case.

Getting there isn't hard if you are coming back from Okuma or Expo Park. Look at the map for landmarks.
The Haneji Dam family picnic area lies along the Haneji Dam Nago City Bypass. There is an entry way to look for (see photo album). Otherwise you may pass right by it.

What to bring. Camera, tent or umbrella for shade, slippers for getting into the water, bath suit for kids.

Note: I did not see any bathroom facilities in this area nor soda machines. There is an upper viewing area not far above (driving distance). There may be restrooms there. I have to verify next time I am there.


  1. You can walk across the top of the dam and get some stunning pictures of the lake and dam, there is even a small picnic table in the middle so you can enjoy your lunch. There are beautiful tiles with what I think are fables/local stories written on them on each post along the top of the dam. There is also a small fountain and explanation for how the fish Locke works. Restrooms are located to the right of the Dam and were clean and open, I don't remember if there were vending machines.

  2. Fabulous Crystal, thanks much for sharing. People reading this post will greatly appreciate this info. I hope you had a great time there. It's a great get-a-way.