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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"Kinjo's Used Goods in Kin Town"

Kinjo's Used Goods Store in Kin Town

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Kinjo's Used Goods in Kin Town

     N 26 26.989E 127 54.033

Kinjo's Used Goods in Kin Town

Off Highway 329 just a couple miles south of Camp Hansen you will notice to the west, a flea market. At the southern most end of the market is Kinjo's Used Goods Store. The owner is Mr. Kinjo or Kinjo-san. He likes to refer to his shop as 'Kinjo's Recycle'. If you are ever in Kin Town and looking for used goods or decorations for the home or garden, you might want to see what they got here. They got everything from miniature Shi Shi dogs, to glass balls and statues (See photo album above). They also sell fruit like pineapples and mangoes.

This shop belongs to a really nice family. If you only speak English, and hesitate with speaking a little Japanese, then the best time to go is on Saturday and Sunday. Mr. Kinjo is usually around during that time and speaks pretty good English. If you just happen to be there during the week, stop by anyway, they will do their best to help. You might even make a new friend. These are very good people. Tell them Louie sent you.

Hours: 9am-5pm, Daily.
Currency: It's best to bring Yen.

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