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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

"Modelers Core Hobby Shop - Okinawa City"

Inside the Modelers Core Hobby Shop

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Modelers Core - Okinawa City

     N 26 20.052E 127 48.127

Modelers Core Hobby Shop - Okinawa City

If you are a toy model enthusiast then Modelers Core in Okinawa City may have what you are looking for. They have an assortment of toy models ranging from air planes, cars, motorcycles, and military vehicles. However, their most prized possession is from one of Japan's most notable anime series, Gundam – a futuristic sci-fiction cartoon where human civilization is at war and mechanized robots are the means to an end. If you are into Japanese-style models then this is the place to check out. The store also carries other model accessories and has a large selection of toy model paint to meet all your model needs. 

Hours. 11am-8pm (Closed Thursday). Open during Holidays.
Telephone. 098 933 1774
Website. Website currently not available
Currency. Yen only.
Credit Card. Visa, MasterCard, Discover
Language. Japanese/Limited English.
Product Type. Toy Models, Toy Model Accessories, model paint. Remote Control vehicles not sold here.

Parking. There are two designated parking spot directly in front of the store. You will see two parking stalls. Parking stalls are parallel to the store (not perpendicular or angular). 

Directions. The store is located a few buildings southeast from the Okinawa City Police Station (near the Koza Music Town Building Intersection - Route 330/Route 20 Intersection). It sits along the same road that takes you to Kadena Air Station Gate 2 if you are going west. 

Other hobby stores in Okinawa. Yonkudou (Okinawa City), R/C Paradise (Kadena)

1 comment:

  1. I have been to this store on numerous occasions. The owner is very friendly, and while he speaks limited English, he will use his iPad to translate if he has difficulty explaining something. Not the greatest method of communication, but it does the job.

    There is a HUGE selection of model kits, ranging from 1:72 to even some larger scales at 1:32. There is a vast assortment of genres, from Gundam, WW2 ground forces, aircraft, ships, vehicles, etc; as well as modern military equipment.

    The first time I went in there, I had zero modeling supplies. After a few trips (spaced out by paydays, mind you) I know have an entire range of paints, detailing brushes, an airbrush, and enough kits to keep me modeling well into the next few years.

    I highly reccomend this store.