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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"Shrine in Kin"

Kin Shrine (Kin Kannonji Temple)

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Shrine in Kin

     N 26 27.300E 127 55.288

Kin Shrine (Kin Kannonji Temple)

I lived in Kin for many years and I always drove passed this place and never saw it. It is not really promoted very well and maybe that is the way the want it. It is a religious site so it is considered sacred among the Okinawans. But you almost have to really look for it or you will pass right by it.

There is a parking area right across from it. I DON'T READ JAPANESE...but I am pretty sure its for the temple. Park at your own risk.

You will see the temple or shrine straight ahead as you walk down. There is a tourist office immediate to the right. That is where you pay an entrance fee for going in the cave itself.

It is 400 yen for adults, 300 Yen for students, and 200 yen for children (not sure what the age limit is).

Okay, about the is somewhat dark and slippery. They do have lighting. If you are gonna bring a camera, then bring your own flash just in case.

If you are gonna bring children I recommend them to be a little older. You don't want to be carrying a baby down there or even a 2 year old. They do have hand rails as you go down and up the entrance stairway, but the steps are rather awkward. It's not playground basically is what I am saying.

Water tends to drip from the ceiling, so just be aware. It may be a little slippery.

They store sake in these caves. You can have this done in your name, but I am not sure yet how that works. I will try to find and repost again in this blog. I gather there has been sake bottles stored for years.

I don't know the hours, but I imagine they do not open at night. It might be kind of dangerous so maybe that is why. Please keep in mind this is still a religious site and should be treated with respect and a sense of quietness.

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  1. I was stationed at Camp Hansen, and didn't discover this place for months. It was a very interesting and fascinating place to visit. They had a "gift shop" which offered tastings of the awamori or awamori-based vinegar. Awamori is different from sake, as it is distilled (like Shochu). This was in 2003-2004, so it may have changed. Definitely worth a stop in, as Kin seems to generate the highest quality awamori.