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Saturday, August 6, 2011

"Green Park at Toguchi Village"

A View of Midori Park or "Green Park" - Toguchi Village

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"Green Park" in Toguchi Village

     N 26 18.268E 127 48.524

Green Park at Toguchi Village

This is "Midori Kohen" or 'Green Park" in Japanese. It resides in Toguchi Village near Kitanakagusuku. It is quite tucked away from the main highway (Highway 329) that skirts it. Because it is tucked away, it is fairly quiet. Unlike "Comprehensive Park" you will find that Green Park is much smaller but little more serene and tranquil with a quiet breeze every now and then brushing your face. 

Green Park is built on a hilly incline. There are different tiers at this park. At the bottom near the entrance, you will see a Gate Ball Field and a small baseball field not too far away from there. There are a few benches at different areas with plenty of open fields to lay down. The park seems mostly well groomed. (Please See the Picture Album Above). There is even a kid's spider web monkey-bar type of playset. At the very top is a Giant Compass on the pavement. Sometimes you may see cutaway shrubs and tree branches covering the compass waiting to be picked up and disposed of. You will oversee parts of Awase as you look from the top of Green Park.

There is an "off-the-beaten-path" at Green Park. Just be forewarned It is not flat terrain. I would wear shoes instead of sandals. It is easy to trip (especially on the man-made stairs). Do not let kids go on this path unaccompanied by an adult. There were a lot of low lying Banana Spider webs, so please be extra careful. Along the path you will see a small make-shift "Utaki" (sacred place).

Green Park is great if you want a small quiet get-a-way with the family or if you just need some quite time to yourself. Because it is on an incline, it may be a little workout if you are pushing a baby stroller. It's a great place to play catch or throw a football. Not far from Green Park is a park I call the "Park of Mysteries". Please see the map above. Near the entrance of Green Park lies the "Toguchi War Memorial Shrine".

Parking. Look at the Green thumbtack in the map. Parking is tight.

What to bring. Umbrella for shading, rain, and removing spider webs. Definitely bring water (They do have one water fountain near the top) and a camera. Bring a lunch box if you think you will be there for a while. It's good for a quiet picnic. There is a bathroom facility near the small baseball field. Wear good shoes.

Other places of interest nearbyToguchi War Memorial Shrine, "Park of Mysteries"

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