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Monday, August 29, 2011

"Nago Green Bridge and The Lower Creek Park"

The Nago Green Bridge

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The Nago Green Bridge and Lower Creek Park

     N 26 35.209E 127 59.591

Nago Green Bridge and The Lower Creek Park

If you are driving on Route 18 from the east side of the island and coming towards Nago, you will see the "Nago Green Bridge". It will just hit you as you turn the curve and pass the treeline. This marks your entry way into the heart of Nago City. Soon as you cross it you will have the Orion Brewery to your left and the Nago Castle Ruins to your right.

Underneath the Nago Green Bridge is a park in the lower creek area. This is a great place for shade and to relax. Some people park their cars underneath the bridge. There are some steps near the creek you can just sit and relax. You will sometimes see families and kids in the creek looking for fish or crawl dads. There are other places you can sit and relax. See photo album above.

Next to this park is the Nago Castle Ruin. This deserves a whole blog post on its own. Just a little warning though. If you decide to go up the castle ruins, be prepared to walk.

At the lower creek park, they have bathroom facilities and soda machines.

Other places of interest nearby:  Ato no Utaki (Kyoda)Giant Shisas (Kyoda)Water From Hands (Kyoda), Todoroki Waterfall, The Nangusuku Castle Ruins, Nago Museum.

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