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How many Peace Poles are there in Okinawa Prefecture?

For some, finding 'Peace Poles' has become a peaceful pastime obsession. It is a good project to do with the family as each pole serves as a beacon of world peace, and a reminder to honor the many lives lost here on Okinawa. Generally, 'Peace Poles' can be found all over the world – but here on Okinawa, Peace Poles are found in abundance. This is an on going project to map, document, and verify locations of 'Peace Poles' within Okinawa Prefecture. This list will be updated when each pole's location has been verified. Please join our Facebook Page to hear about new updates on pole finds in Okinawa Prefecture. If you have a sighting and like to share it with others, you are welcome to post it on our Facebook Page as well. Please include a picture and a general description of the area (GPS coordinate if available). Only the poles that have been verified by Map It! Okinawa will be listed below

Each pole will be alphabetically labeled according to their place of residence. Next to each item will be a GPS coordinate, (the GPS coordinates below will link to a Google Map),  a link to their respective photo album, along with date they were first visited (Fv) and last visited (Lv) by Map It! Okinawa, languages inscribed, and when the pole was first established (if known). Please note. Some poles may no longer be in existence due to natural causes.

So how many Peace Poles are there in Okinawa? I'm sure there is an official number somewhere from the powers that be. For now, we'll just have to find them. For more information about the origins of the Peace Pole, please visit the Peace Pole Project at Signs in their respective languages can be viewed at

Spanish ver 1. Que la Paz Prevalezca en la Tierra.
Spanish ver 2. Paz a Todos los Hombres.


Use the short list to see updated poles added to the list, then scroll down below to the Regional List for location information and description.

21. Kunigami Village, Benoki, Nov 5, 2014 (NEW)
20. Kunigami Village, Benoki, Nov 5, 2014 (NEW)
19. Kadena Town, Yara, Mar 6, 2014
18. Kunigami Village, Sate, Jan 12, 2014
17. Kunigami Village, Okuma, Jan 5, 2014
16. Nakagusuku Village, Soeshi, Aug 29, 2013
15. Onna Village, Manza, Aug 16, 2013
14. Kin Town, Kannon-do Temple, Aug 1, 2013
13. Kunagami Village, Hedo, Jun 20, 2013
12. Kunagami Village, Hedo, Jun 20, 2013
11. Kin Town, Kin, Jun 7, 2013
10. Naha City, Ona, Dec 7, 2012
9. Naha City, Nishi, Nov 25, 2012
8. Nago City, Goga, Oct 18, 2012
7. Kitanakagusuku, Kishaba, Sep 8, 2012 
6. Motobu Town, Izumi, Sep 6, 2012 
5. Nakagusuku Village, Tomari, Aug 21, 2012
4. Nakagusuku Village, Kuba, Aug 21, 2012
3. Okinawa City, Shiromaecho, Aug 7, 2012 
2. Nago City, Yabu, Aug 4, 2012
1. Uruma City, Katsurentsuken (Tsuken Jima), Jul 30 2012


Yara, GPS N26 21.999 E127 45.766, Fv: Mar 6, 2014, Lv: Mar 6, 2014, est. unknown, Languages: English, Japanese. French, Spanish ver 2. Notes. Faded.
Yara - Peace Pole

Kin Kannon-do Temple, GPS N26 27.347 E127 55.297, Fv: Aug 1, 2013, Lv: Aug 1, 2013, est. unknown, Languages: English, Japanese. Notes. Located on Kin Kannon-do Temple Grounds.
Kin Town (Kannon-do Temple)
Kin, GPS N26 27.398 E127 55.627, Fv: Jun 7, 2013, Lv: Jun 7, 2013, est. unknown, Languages: English, Japanese, French, and Spanish (variation 2). Notes. Located 50m near this structure from Highway 329.
Kin Town (Ushina) - Peace Pole
Kishaba, GPS N26 18.063 E127 47.798, Fv: Sep 8, 2012, Lv: Sep 8, 2012, est. unknown, Languages: English, Japanese, French (faded) and Spanish (variation 2). Notes. Located across a Family Mart convenience store along Highway 81. 
Kishaba, Kitanakagusuku - Peace Pole
Benoki (NEW), GPS N 26 47.874 E 128 13.942, Fv: Oct 19, 2014, Lv: Oct 19, 2014, est. unknown, Languages: English, Japanese. Notes. Faded. This pole is on the west side of Hwy 58.
Benoki - Peace Poles
Benoki (NEW), GPS N 26 47.864 E 128 13.949, Fv: Oct 19, 2014, Lv: Oct 19, 2014, est. unknown, Languages: English, Japanese. Notes. Faded. This pole is on the east side of Hwy 58.
Benoki - Peace Poles
Hedo, GPS N26 52.349 E128 15.872, Fv: Jun 20, 2013, Lv: Jun 20, 2013, est. unknown, Languages: English, Japanese, French, and Spanish (variation 1).
Peace Poles - Hedo
Hedo, GPS N26 52.402 E128 15.847, Fv: Jun 20, 2013, Lv: Jun, 2013, est. unknown, Languages: English, Japanese, English, uncertain. Notes. The 4th side of the pole could not be viewed from a distance. It is uncertain what language it contains. 
Peace Poles - Hedo
Okuma, GPS N26 43.611 E128 12.927, Fv: Nov 21, 2013, Lv: Nov 21, 2013, est. unknown, Languages: English, Japanese, French, Spanish (variation 2). Notes. This is possibly the highest elevated Peace Pole on the Okinawa main island. Pole sits next the entrance of the Mt. Yonaha trail. 
Okuma - Peace Pole
Sate, GPS N26 47.144 E128 13.246, Fv: Jan 9, 2014, Lv: Jan 9, 2014, est. unknown, Languages: English (2 sides), Japanese (2 sides).
Sate - Peace Pole
Izumi, GPS N26 39.392 E127 57.444, Fv: Sep 6, 2012, Lv: Sep 6, 2012, est. Unknown, Languages: English, Japanese, French, Spanish (variation 2). Notes. Tucked in a cul-de-sac like road off of Highway 123. Borders Nakijin Village. To the rear, a mysterious grotto-like grave. Pole damaged, but legible.
Izumi, Motobu Town - Peace Poles

Goga, GPS N26 38.589 E127 59.351, Fv: Oct 18, 2012, Lv: Oct 18, 2012, est. Unknown, Languages: English, Spanish (variation 2), Japanese, French. Notes. Pole near Arashiyama Observation Post. All sides are faded.
Goga, Nago City - Peace Pole

Yabu, GPS N26 36.184 E127 56.972, Fv: Aug 4, 2012, Lv: Aug 4, 2012, est. Unknown, Languages: English, Chinese, Japanese, French. Notes. 1 ft away on curve on the west side of Highway 449.
Yabu, Nago City - Peace Poles

Nishi, GPS N26 12.784 E127 40.237, Fv: Nov 25, 2012, Lv: Nov 25, 2012, est. Unknown, Languages: English, Spanish (variation 2), Japanese (two sides). Notes. Pole is right next to a Family Mart. Legible.
Nishi, Naha City - Peace Pole
Ona, GPS N26 13.947 E127 42.688, Fv: Dec 07, 2012, Lv: Dec 07, 2012, est. Unknown, Languages: English, Japanese. Notes. Pole is close to a nursing home facility behind a large stone marker. Faded.
Ona, Naha - Peace Pole
Kuba, GPS N26 16.856 E127 48.852, Fv: Aug 21, 2012, Lv: Aug 21, 2012, est. Unknown, Languages: English, Spanish (variation 1), Japanese, Hindi. Notes. 3 ft away on a street corner on the west side of Highway 329.
Kuba, Nakagusuku Village - Peace Pole

Soeshi, GPS N26 16.468 E127 47.895, Fv: Aug 29, 2013, Lv: Aug 29, 2013, est. Unknown, Languages: English, Spanish (variation 2), Japanese, French. Notes. 3 ft away of Highway 329 (east side). Next to a war memorial and a Welfare Center for the Elderly.
Soeshi, Nakagusuku 

Tomari, GPS N26 16.644 E127 48.395, Fv: Aug 21, 2012, Lv: Aug 21, 2012, est. Unknown, Languages: English, Spanish (variation 2), Japanese, French. Notes. Sits next to the Tomari's Giant Tropical Almond Tree next to Highway 329.
Tomari, Nakagusuku Village - Peace Pole

Shiromaecho, GPS N26 20.390 E127 48.805, Fv: Aug 7, 2012, Lv: Aug 7, 2012, est. unknown, Languages: Only Japanese and English cover all four sides. Notes. Next to a house midde of a hill with alternating red and grey asphalt. 
Shiromaecho, Okinawa City - Peace Pole

Manza, GPS N26 29.960 E127 51.288, Fv: Aug 3, 2013, Lv: Aug 3, 2013, est. unknown, Languages: French, Japanese, English, Spanish (variation 2). Notes. The pole is severely bent. All sides are faded. Sits next to a small parking lot on the main entrance into Manzamo. 
Manza, Onna-son
Katsurentsuken (Tsuken Jima), GPS N26 14.854 E127 56.022, Fv: May 24, 2012, Lv: May 24, 2012, est. March 7, 2001, Languages: English, Japanese, (other sides not viewed). Notes. Near the edge of the coastline, next to log style fence and small tree.
Tsuken Jima, Peace Pole


  1. Now, I see where you've been hiding all those Peace Pole Things !


    One more here!

    1. Robert Thank you very much. I look forward to getting out there an mapping it!

      Thanks again, and Have a Great Day!

  3. one more here:,127.736492&spn=0.000005,0.00191&t=h&z=19&layer=c&cbll=26.257926,127.735982&panoid=llUqgWGSncIf5yLpph1UGw&cbp=12,47.25,,0,1.71

  4. I didn't realize these were everywhere, but there is one at Hedo Point up on the cliff. I have a picture of it on my blog here:

    I really appreciate what you do with this site! I use it all the time!

    1. Amanda, thank you very much for your kind words. Sorry I have been little delinquent on adding more poles to this list. I have about a dozen more I need to post up.

      And thank you for sharing your blog. I think it is a great idea!

      Take care always,


  5. There is one by Futenma Shrine also. I hope you get a chance to update with the new ones soon.

    1. Hi Okispice, Thank you soo much. Yes I need to get more on here soon. Hope to have some more in the near future! So many of them out there!

      Thanks again for the comment.


  6. We are trying to hit each one you map, so if you know of more ... :)

  7. Can you give more information for the one in Ona, Naha? The coordinates took us to a street corner and we spent an hour wandering around all the streets in that area, but could not spot it.

    1. Hi Okispice, were you able to find a nursing home at those coordinates that looks the one on this link

      If you found that building than the pole is about 50 meters to your left if you are facing the entrance of that building. The pole is next to a concrete shack neatly tucked behind a Stone Marker (with Japanese writing on it).

      The key is to find that building.

      Hope this helps.

      P.S. Will have another one posted some time this week.

    2. Sorry but you may have to copy and paste the link. The Blogger System disables hot links in comment boxes for some reason.

    3. Found all of them (havn't been up to Hedo yet) but this one. It just eludes me.
      Thanks for the newest ones too!

    4. Never could find this one in Oona. The coordinates don't take us to anywhere near the building pictured. Other than this one, we've visited all the others you have mapped and had lots of fun doing it. thanks so much!

    5. Okispice, I'm glad you told me about that. I went to see if the coordinates were off by any chance, and it looks like they were. I really apologies for that. I don't know how skewed to such a degree. The old coordinates where in that vicinity but you are right, it would not take you to that pole. I posted the new coordinates above and it is N26 13.947, E127 42.688. I triple checked with the Google and it matches the location.

    6. Again, so sorry for that and thank you for telling me! I have a few more on the list to put on the site.

    7. Oh thanks so much! I don't know how I missed this post, but I'm going to go find this one soon with the new coordinates. Plus, looking forward to more new ones!

    8. I found the one in Oona by the nursing home! thanks so much for fixing the coordinates. Such a pretty setting tucked in behind that rock too. A nurse came out and took our photo for us together. that makes 21 we have found here in Okinawa! Keep em coming!

  8. Thank you! Also found one down the street from the Hamagawa Lodge in Chatan.

    1. Oh Great thanks Okispice have to check that one out!

  9. Another new one! yay! Had a bit of trouble finding that one with the grotto last weekend. I often wonder how they get put up in such unusual locations.

    1. I have wondered about that too Okispice. That is a mystery onto itself. Part of me thinks there is more to that place than meets the eye. It's on my endless list of things to find out.

    2. Well we are certainly having fun following your trail! I'm sad that we have completed finding all the ones you've got posted here.

    3. Thanks Okispice. It's good to get feedback regardless. Glad to know people go out and find these. I hope to have more soon!
      Take care, will talk to you soon.

  10. Found one on O-jima, Nanjo and one by the Kyoto Monument (Ginowan, I think). One more just south of Su Su Soon in Hamagawa.

    1. That's Terrific Okispice! Thank you! I will put those on my list. Oh I think I may have found the highest (in terms in elevation) peace pole on this island. Coming soon!

    2. Hi Okispice,
      The Peace Pole near the Mt. Yonaha Entrance is now up!

    3. Yay! My husband I were just lamenting that we didn't have anymore to track down. Is this one we can drive up to, or should we get out our hiking shoes?

    4. Oh never mind, just read your directions for the hike. thanks for the posts!

    5. this one is in some bushes, very easy to get to at the road intersection - no need for hiking shoes - the road up and back is steep and windy

  11. The one up to Mt. Yonaha was a fun excursion. Thanks! Last one left on your list for us is the one in Sato. We PCS in a few months so just want to tell you we have had funon our Peace Pole adventures, thanks to you. Theresa

    1. Thanks Okispice, glad you got to chance to explore. Will have a couple more for you before you leave. You will be missed too and Hope you get a chance to come back again!!!! God Bless