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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"Map It! Find It! - Kin Town's History Chronicles"

Kin Town's History Chronicles sold at the Kin Town City Office

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Map It! Find It! - Kin Town's History Chronicles

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Map It! Find It! - Kin Town's History Chronicles

Every now and then, I will post a location where you can get a very rare or unique item. This post is for those interested in Okinawan history,... in particular Kin Town's history. At the Kin Town City Office, they sell four publications. The original volume was published in 1984 and cost 3500 Yen. Or you can get the more recent versions broken up into two volumes. What you see in the above picture are those two newer volumes, published in 2002 and 2006. The 2002 version covers the Okinawan War era, and the 2006 volume covers the Immigration era. Both these volumes cost 3000 Yen each. The fourth publication is a much smaller paperback edition that outlines all of Kin Town's documented wells and springs. It gives history and the name of each spring. Some springs documented are big, such as Okawa, while others may be a simple hole in the ground. The nice thing about this publication is that they give several contour maps to locate these wells and springs. They also show some old pictures of Kin Town. Some of these wells I will map over time,... once I can confirm the GPS coordinates. The magazine, unfortunately does not give out the GPS coordinates. This paperback edition cost 300 Yen Only.

Personally I cannot vouch for the content of the publication. It is written only in Japanese. However, if you are a 'History Enthusiast' then I am sure you will find a way to overcome the language barrier. Share it with a Okinawan, and they may be surprised too on what they will find. There are many Americans and foreigners (to include myself) that have an interest in Okinawa tradition and history. This post is for you all. 

Where to buy it. You can purchase these items at the Kin Town's City Office. See photo in the album. The town office is right next to the Statue of Toyoma Kyuzo. They only take Yen. When you walk in the double doors you will see a large booth to the left. Look at the corner of this booth and you will see those two volumes. The admin clerks may or may not speak English. That's okay! Here's a chance to practice your Japanese, or simply show the above picture on your smartphone, if you have one. Good Luck.

Phone Number: 098 968 2111. Best to call before you go.

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