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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

"Kin Town's Cherry Blossom Way"

Cherry Blossoms in Kin Town

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Kin Town's Cherry Blossom Way

     N 26 27.729E 127 55.934

Kin Town's Cherry Blossom Way

Normally not recognized for its Cherry Blossoms, Kin Town does have its own little tucked away corridor of Cherry Blossom trees. It sits beneath the Kin Town Bridge often unnoticed by the daily traffickers that skirt north and south along Highway 329. What you see above are the trees in their non-blooming season, but during full bloom this can be quite the photographic spectacle given the small ground it covers compared to some of the more popular locations like Mount Yaedake. Currently, in the background you will see the construction of the new Kin Dam. Though not an ideal scene yet for a panoramic photograph, but with a little imagination, good use of angles, and some cropping you will still be able to capture the photographic and natural beauty of these small wonders of nature. In a few years time, the completed Kin Dam will be a wonderful addition to the blend of Cherry Trees in the foreground. 

What to bring. Definitely a camera. If you are into photography, recommend you bring a step ladder or better in order to get a better vantage point. A little higher elevation can make a tremendous difference in your angle perspective and thus automatically crop out unnecessary obstacles that might be in a the way (i.e. overgrown vegetation).

Cherry Blossom Season: January-February time frame, pending climate conditions. 

Getting there. The location is just north of Camp Hansen. It is the first turn-off to the left heading north once you pass the Highway 104 and 329 intersection. The turnoff is immediately before the Kin Town Bridge.  

(Note: Photos of the full bloom will be added to the album once blooming season starts.)

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  1. Great shot and interesting info my man, you and Mike do a fantastic job of promoting the beautiful Okinawa.