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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"Yomitan War Memorial - Tokeshi District"

Yomitan War Memorial - Tokeshi District

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War Memorial Shrine in Yomitan

     N 26 25.256E 127 43.635

Yomitan War Memorial - Tokeshi District

This War Memorial in Yomitan may go unnoticed if you never veer off the main highway (Route 6). We found this shrine by literally getting lost in Yomitan. This particular war memorial resides at the Tokeshi District of Yomitan Village. It sits underneath a large tree (See picture album above). Next to the shrine are the list of names from Yomitan Village who lost their lives during the "Greater East Asia War". This term was used by the Japanese to describe World War II.

There are two war memorials in Yomitan. This one at the Tokeshi District is older. It was built in 1913. At  this moment, I do not have the location of the other war memorial.

Parking: You will have to find a place off the road. Park at your own risk.
How to get there: Please look at the map to do a route reconnaissance. Although you can use Hwy 6 to get close to it, you do have to navigate your way through some unmarked roads. It's not too difficult. I provided some landmarks near the shrine.

Other places of interest nearby: Statue of Shinran Shonin.