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Thursday, July 28, 2011

"The Big Awase Slide"

The Big Awase Slide at Manta Kohen (Manta Park)

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The Big Awase Slide

     N 26 19.891E 127 50.106

The Big Awase Slide (Manta-Kohen)

I call this the "Big Awase Slide" at Manta Kohen or Manta Park. If you have children or even if you are a kid inside, then you might like this. It's a roller slide, meaning it has these hundreds of this small bars that spin to help you descend down the slide.

It's not 6 Flags Magic Mountain but something your kids may enjoy. There is also a field to play catch and a basketball court, have a picnic etc.

There are bathroom facilities. Parking? That is another matter. Find what you can and choose wisely. See what the other Okinawans are doing and then maybe do the same. The place can get crowded.

For a little kid then the slide may not work as smooth as you think. The heavier you are the better. BUT if you try it as an adult, this is what I recommend you do to make it go faster. You have to sit up straight with your knees bent and feet flat. Do not extend your legs. You won't go to fast, but fast enough to have fun. Enjoy.

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