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Monday, July 25, 2011

"Kanna Dam"

Kanna Dam, Ginoza

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Kanna Dam (Ginoza)

     N 26 28.834E 127 56.927

Kanna Dam, Ginoza

This is Kanna Dam in Ginoza. It is off Hwy 329 just a few miles north of Camp Hansen. The "Pink Balloon Place Marker" is the spot where I took the picture of the front part of the dam. I took it from a bridge that is just south of the Dam's frontal facade. There are other places you can view the dam. If you scroll the map to the north you will see another 'Pink Balloon Place Marker".

Getting there isn't really hard. It's mainly off Hwy 329. You will see the Kanna Flee Market (See map of the "Giant Ginoza Bella Button") if going north before you turn left. However, to see the front part of the dam you do have to take a side road that may not be so obvious. Make sure you study the map above. I highlighted two routes. One takes you to the front of Kanna Dam and the other takes you near the top. That is one thing you will notice in Okinawa, that sometimes the most insignificant looking road or overpass can take you to some great 'hole in the wall' places.

There are other areas near Kanna Dam that are great just to rest and have some family fun. I recommend bring some lunch or Japanese Bento Box, picnic equipment (no barbeque grills), definitely a camera, umbrella, and maybe a football to kill time.

Once a year they have a festival there called the "Kanna Dam Matsuri". This year it happend on July 23rd 2011. For pictures of this year's event go to Ryukyu Mike's Blog.

Other Things to See in the Area: Ginoza Giant Belly Button, Kanna Dam Family Park, School of Killifish Pond.

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