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Sunday, July 24, 2011

"Ginoza Giant Belly Button and the Mouth of Truth"

Ginoza Giant Belly Button/Mouth of Truth

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Ginoza Giant Belly Button

     N 26 28.420E 127 57.125

Ginoza Giant Belly Button (Mouth of Truth)

Here you will see a busy flee market off of Hwy 329 (Just north of Camp Hansen about 3 miles). You have to park near the building to get close to the giant bronze statue of the Giant Ginoza Belly Button. From what a friend told me, this statue of the Giant Belly Button was a gift to the town of Ginoza from its sister city in Italy. Ginoza is considered the middle of Okinawa, hence why the gift was a Giant Statue of a Belly Button (The belly button being the middle of your body).You can deposit some Yen in the mouth as a means for good luck.

Parking space is abundant. Right around here is the Kanna Dam.

Other Things to See in the Area: Kanna Dam.

Update July 28, 2011 - Doing more research I discovered that the original name was called "Bocca della Verità" or known as the "Mouth of Truth". The original stone today can be found in Rome, Italy. The stone is said to come from what is now modern day Turkey. There are different legends on the existence of this stone. One legend is that if you put your hand in the mouth and were a liar, you would lose your hand. I am not sure if anyone knows for sure why this stone was made. Here is one website that discusses different tales (click here) or do a Google Search and see what come up with.

Other places of interest nearby: Kanna Dam Family Park, Kanna Dam (Front View), School of Killifish Pond.

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