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Thursday, July 7, 2011

"Yomitan Beachside"

Yomitan Beachside

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Yomitan Beach Side

     N 26 21.844E 127 44.323

Yomitan Beachside

They have Gazebo type structures with picnic tables for shade. Not sure about the bathroom facilities. They do have facilities buildings in the area.

Wind blows very nice here. Grass is usually well cut. Great for taking naps and a dip in the water.


  1. There is a restaurant in one of the building, so i assume they do have bathroom.

    There is also a parking spot right there... you do have to go in the little streets maze to get there tho! (You know the maxvalue close to there, where the starbuck is, well that little road leads there)

  2. The green pin does, indeed indicate free parking. There is a beachside restaurant and a public restroom. There is also a small children's park with a roller slide! Here is the most interesting part... if you climb the rock stairs to get to the top of the roller slide, but continue up the hill along the path to the second gazebo on the right, there is a 3-piece stone marker that commemorates the landing of the US forces on Okinawa during the Battle of Okinawa 1 April 1945. The markers are all in kanji, so I don't know exactly what they say, but there is a marker with a photo of the beach landing and a map of Okinawa with lines marking landing sites. Maybe someone can translate? A very interesting and historic location on the cliffs above the Higa River/Hagushi Bay.

    1. Bryndis, thanks that is fascinating!!! Thanks for sharing. Been meaning to head back. It's been awhile. Another one to add to the ever growing list.

      Thanks Much