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Sunday, July 31, 2011

"Bird Observation Point (Awase)"

Great Egrets perched at the Hiyagon Swamp in Awase

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Bird Observation Point (Awase)

     N 26 18.770E 127 49.644

Bird Observation Point (Awase)

I know that not everyone here is a birder, but there might be a few birders out here in Okinawa. It has become a hobby of mine over the years. What makes a birder's life easy is if he or she knows an area that certain birds frequent.  This makes it easy to set up to get that one picture. During one of my walks I happen to find a make-shift bird observation post that someone made near the Hiyagon Swamp in Awase. They put a little overhang for shade. Someone even posted pictures they had taken before of the Great Egret.

I personally managed to take some photos of the Great Egret and the Grey Heron myself. It was fun to watch them. There might be other birds that come there if you are lucky and depending on the season.

Hiyagon Swamp is next to the Comprehensive Park. It is mostly fenced off, but you are able to walk around most of it. The bird observation post is not far from the "Takahara Ditch" which I posted earlier. There too at the "Takahara Ditch" you may see some bird life (which I will post soon). To the east of the swamp and across the street is the Awase War Memorial.

What to bring: Water, Camera (with a good zoom, cause the birds will be about 300-400 feet at a minimum), umbrella, and notepad.

Other Areas of Interest: "Takahara Ditch", Awase War Memorial (Blog post coming soon), Awase Shrine.

If you want to see other birds of Okinawa, please visit Mike's Ryukyu Gallery of Birds of Okinawa.

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