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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"Bise Village Shell Shop"

The Bise Village Shell Shop

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Bise Village Shell Shop

     N 26 42.413E 127 52.870

Bise Village Shell Shop

Welcome to the "Shell Shop" in Bise Village. If you are looking for ornaments, little gifts, or trinkets ...and happen to be in the area, stop by this little store. The shop is own by a very, very sweet Okinawan lady by the name of 'Hiroko'. She is so sweet, you will want to adopt her as your own. The unique thing about this store compared to others, is that Mrs. Hiroko makes a lot of her own ornaments and jewelry (mostly out of sea shells) - making them all the more unique. There is one particular jewel that she makes that literally comes from the heart and soul of Bise Village. Mrs. Hiroko takes seeds from the Fukugi Tree and makes them into a well polished jewelry. See photo album above.

There is also a unique side story with Mrs. Hiroko. She had at one time posed for a travel poster of Okinawa long ago with Ie Shima Island in the background. She never got to see the final print publication. Ryukyu Mike and I have been on the hunt to see if we can find any old travel posters on the internet with her in it. We are not sure if the company actually did anything with her photo pose, but it would be a great find if they did, and a great gift to give to her. To see Mrs. Hiroko in her early years, please look at Ryukyu Mike's 'Then & Now Edition of Mrs. Hiroko'. She was still the Okinawan Sweetheart as she is now. (Sorry Mike! I gave away her name, but I think it would be great if strangers stop by and say 'Konichi wa Hiroko-san!!!').

What to bring: Please bring yen if you wish to purchase anything. And bring a camera too!!!
Parking: There is a designated parking spot right next to her shop.
Hours. I apologies for not finding this out earlier. I will find out and update this post accordingly.
Phone: (098) 048 2757
Other: She does not speak English, so here's your chance to practice some Japanese.

Other places of interest nearby: Okinawa International Orchid Show (February only).

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