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Friday, September 2, 2011

"A Map It! Photo Moment - Kyoda's Tale of Two Shisas"

Two Tall Shisas in Kyoda of Nago City, Okinawa

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A Map It! Photo Moment - Kyoda's Tale of Two Shisas

     N 26 32.532E 127 57.931

A Map It! Photo Moment - Kyoda's Tale of Two Shisas

No Tall Tale to Tell Here. But every now and then, I will post a Map It! Photo Moment. I couldn't resist stopping for five minutes to take pictures of these two Shi Shi Dogs or Shisas. And I know some of you would be guilty of the same, so I thought I indulge for you.

Shisas are great for photo moments. You find them everywhere in Okinawa. Some craftsmen add their own unique style. What's impressive about these two Shisas is that they are just as tall as standard soda machine you find anywhere in Okinawa (see photo album).  Plus, their bright red color is magnetic. You can't help to stop and take a photo.

I found them as I was searching around in the town of Kyoda, a small inconspicuous town in Nago right next to the Route 71 and Route 58 intersection. They were standing in front of warehouse or craftsmen shop, perhaps placed there for good luck. Kyoda might be small town, but it does have some interesting sites to see, often not visible even to the wandering include a Legendary Fountain called the "Water from Hands". You can scroll on the map above and see two sites of interest, in which I will blog about very shortly.

Other places nearby of interest. Kyoda's 'Ato no Utaki', Water From Hands Fountain, Todoroki Watefall, The Nangusuku Castle Ruins, Nago Museum.

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