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Sunday, September 18, 2011

"Scenic Panoramic View from Mount Tanodake (Nago)"

Looking North from Mount Tanodake

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Scenic Panoramic View from Mount Tanodake (Nago)

     N 26 35.951E 128 02.818

Scenic Panoramic View from Mount Tanodake (Nago)

If you are into scenic views, then you may want to visit Mount Tanodake in Nago.  No hiking necessary to get to this mountain. It's an easy drive up from Highway 58. At the top you will have a good 360 view of the four cardinal directions of Okinawa. To the west you will see Yagaji and Kouri Islands. The picture you see above is from an old launch platform (facing north) used for hang gliding. I believe it is no longer in service. The view from there, however, is still amazing.

When you get there, you will also see a small resort called the Hotel Tanew Wellness Resort. I will be honest. At first I thought the building was no longer in use. I think it's a resort that most people are not aware of. But sure enough it was open. Here is their English version of their website The hang gliding launch pad is behind the resort. (Note: The launch pad is blocked off for safety reasons. The picture was taken from the edge).

Getting there. You can access the main route to Mount Tanodake from Highway 58. On the map I posted a landmark of a Giant Mush Room bus stop. Near this landmark is a traffic light intersection where you turn off to go to Mount Tanodake. There is also a road sign that points to it as well. See photo album. According to the map there is another route coming from the east side. I haven't taken this route yet so I cannot vouch for it at the moment.

What to bring. Definitely a camera.

Other places of interest nearby: Makiya Dam, Haneji Dam Family Picnic Area, Scenic Route 18/Haneji Dam Nago City Bypass, Nago Green Bridge/Lower Creek Park.

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  1. Sure would be nice to be able to shoot (camera) knuckleheads jumping of that cliff with those colorful gliders again !