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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"Small Cave Spring in Kunigami"

Upclose look at the small cave spring in Kunigami

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Small Cave Spring in Kunigami

     N 26 43.287E 128 09.649

Small Cave Spring in Kunigami

This is a little spring coming out of a tiny cave in Kunigami. It borders the Hanji and Kaganji District and is right off Highway 58. It is just a few kilometers south of the Okuma Recreational Facility and across from the Lawsons convenience store and tucked behind an apartment complex. This is small, but if you are intrigued by little wonders of nature then take a peek. Modern piping was done to help navigate the water flow from the cave. Nevertheless, it is still a nice hole in the wall. There is a sacred place for prayer at the spring. The pond and park in the front isn't as well kept. There appears to be some damage done from the summer typhoons. If you are staying at Okuma, then this might be another excuse to get out and see something else. There is also a nice river stream in Ura not too far north.

Other places of interest nearby: River Stream in Ura, Yanbaru Wildlife Conservation Center, Iji Shrine and The Cherry Blossom Hill.

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