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Saturday, October 22, 2011

"The Yanbaru Wildlife Conservation Center"

The Yanbaru Wildlife Conservation Center in Kunigami

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Yanbaru Wildlife Conservation Center

     N 26 43.700E 128 10.753

The Yanbaru Wildlife Conservation Center in Kunigami

This is the Yanbaru Wildlife Conservation Center. It's not too far away from Highway 58 and the Okuma Recreational Facility. In fact, as you leave the 58 and head towards Hiji Falls the turn-off to the center is about 500m facing north (See Map). Most foreigners may not be aware of the center cause there is no English on the large blue street sign near the turn-off. Hopefully this will change soon, since the Center's purpose is to raise awareness. This is another good spot to visit with kids if you are staying at Okuma for a few days, and it happens to be a rainy day.

There is not much translated in English, however, they have a brochure written in English explaining some of the different stations inside the center. Nevertheless, it is the images of nature that tell the story; that awareness is instrumental in preserving the surrounding wildlife in Okinawa. If more and more foreign visitors attend the center then it may give cause to have more translated explanations in various languages at each sub-station inside the center.

There are no animals kept at this location. Most of it is visual presentation (See Photo Album). They do have a station where you can hear the various sounds found in nature.

Admission: Free
Hours: 10-1630. Closed on Mondays, New Years, and some National Holidays
Phone Number: 098 050 1025

Other places of interest nearby: River Stream in Ura, Small Cave Spring in Kunigami, Iji Shrine and The Cherry Blossom Hill.

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