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Saturday, October 29, 2011

"Katsuren-Haebaru Seaside Park"

Looking out to sea from Katsurenhaebaru

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Katsuren-Haebaru Seaside Park

     N 26 19.809E 127 52.178

Katsuren-Haebaru Seaside Park

This is a nice simple getaway by the ocean. It's not a fancy park,...just a simple one. If you need an hour of peace to yourself then this is a great place for it. This park is also great to bring the family. There is plenty of open grass to run around with the kids, and then later have a 'bento' lunch. It is also a nice area to have a picnic date with your love one.  The only sound you will hear is the ocean breeze that swishes in and out from the seaside. There is plenty of parking. They have a small bathroom facility and a soda machine. There are only a few places that offer shade, so plan accordingly. 

Getting there is not really difficult. It is almost a straight shot if you look at the map. However, due to some construction, you may have to weave around construction zones to get there. This is not too far from the Awase area for those who live in that section of town. This is really a peaceful hole in the wall. Enjoy.

Optional things to bring. Recreational toys like a football, kite, or bicycles. Bring essential picnic equipment as necessary.

Note to reader: I'm not sure what the official name to this park is. I used the Katsuren-Haebaru name cause the park is close to that area of town.

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