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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

"The Goddess Sunset at Nago City"

The Goddess Sunset at Nago City

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The Goddess Sunset at Nago City

     N 26 34.983E 127 59.333

The Goddess Sunset at Nago City

It's normal tradition among friends and love ones to see the very First Sunrise of the New Year. But what about the very Last Sunset of the closing year? There are many places on Okinawa to view the beautiful Okinawa sunset, but Nago City host one of the most beautiful sunset viewing locations on the island. This brings us back to the same location of the statue known as The Goddess of Mercy – Hence the title, The Goddess Sunset*. The location is picture perfect in many ways; the right angle and elevation, the calm reflecting waters below, and the sitting Bodhisattva that evenly splits the Nago Bay. Regardless if it's New Year's Eve or not, at anytime of the year the sunset here leaves you with a sense of amazement and peace. This is Map It! Okinawa's 2011 Sunset of the Year. 

What to bring: A peace of mind...and your camera. For Directions & Parking: See post on Kannon-sama, Goddess of Mercy.

Other places of interest nearby: Ato no Utaki (Kyoda), Big Okinawan House, Scenic View Mount Tanodake,Giant Shisas (Kyoda), Green Bridge/Lower Creek Park, Haneji Dam Family Picnic Area, Mikaya Dam, Nago Museum,Nangusuku Castle Ruins, Route 18/Haneji Dam Route, Todoroki Waterfall (Sukata), Water From Hands (Kyoda)Kannon-sama, Goddess of Mercy.

*The name was created by the author of this post to describe the event and location. It is not an official title. 


  1. That is a beautiful shot. I like the effect that you have made with the Goddess of Mercy statue.It is not everyday that you can see a scene like that.

    1. Thanks Crown. It really is a great place to view the sunset on a clear day. Sunset viewing areas on Okinawa are a dime a dozen, but I don't know if there is another place on the island where you can get such a perfect view. Hope you get to see it.


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