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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

"Sunset! Zakimi-jo"

Sunset at Zakimi-jo

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Sunset! Zakimi-jo

     N 26 24.481E 127 44.520

Sunset at Zakimi-jo Castle

When the engineers built telecommunication towers and power lines near Zakimi-jo Castle, they probably didn't have the view of the sunset in mind. It didn't stop this couple, however, from capturing a commanding view of the Okinawa sunset. Like most castles and fortresses on Okinawa, Zakimi-jo sits upon at high elevation, good enough to get a good view of both the ocean horizon and the sun as it descends down in a blaze of fire.

If you don't mind a few man-made obstacles in the way and wish to spend some sentimental time watching one of the small joys of nature, then this is an ideal spot. And if you are lucky enough, maybe you too will have an unsuspecting photographer capturing your Kodak moment. This is Sunset at Zakimi-jo.

Getting there. Zakimi-jo is in Yomitan Village. If you take Highway 58 (north or south), get on Highway 12. Look for road signs that point to Zakimi-jo Castle.

Other places of interest nearby: Yomitan's Tucked Away Nature Trail.

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