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Friday, February 17, 2012

"Kumaya Cave - Sunabe"

Kumaya Cave -Through the Gate

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Kumaya Cave - Sunabe

     N 26 19.919E 127 44.848

Kumaya Cave - Sunabe

In Chatan there is a cave known as Kumaya Gama. It sits next to a vacant plot of land in Sunabe not too far from the beautiful Sunabe Baba Beach. To the locals, it is known as a very spiritual place. According to the Japanese inscription on the stone marker, it was during the war that people sought refuge here. It was reported that all those who took refuge survived. Later, an excavation team sponsored by the Chatan Board of Education and the Government of Japan found bones and other artifacts in this area and was estimated to be between 2500-3000 years old.

The cave is currently fenced off and locked. Pictures were only taken from the outside looking in. The Chatan Town Office does oversee the management of the cave but the actual day-to-day care is conducted by another caretaker. 

Directions. The easiest direct route is highlighted by the blue route. Look for street signs that point to the Kumaya Cave. Along the way, you will see signs to Sunabe Baba Beach, a very popular hang out for families. 

Other Publicly Known Caves. Yabuchi Cave Ruins, Futenma Shrine & Cave, Kin Kannonji Temple, The Gold Hall in Kin Town.

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