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Thursday, February 9, 2012

"The Sakishima Sappanwood Tree - Higashi Village"

The Sakishima Sappanwood Tree of Higashi Village

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The Sakishima Sappanwood Tree (Higashi Village)

     N 26 38.235E 128 09.779

The Sakishima Sappanwood Tree - Higashi Village

Not too far from the Higashi Museum is an intriguing looking tree tucked away in the treeline along the Fukuji River. It is considered to be one of Higashi's natural monuments and is considered to be the largest one of its kind on Okinawa proper. It is the Sakishima Sappanwood Tree of Higashi Village. According to the Higashi Village Office, the tree reaches to about 18 meters in height and about 2.9 meters in circumference at chest-height. Surrounding the tree are its tall, thin wall-like roots grounded in a wavy pattern. It is a fascinating wonder of nature and one of many on Okinawa to see.

Author's Note. The exact scientific classification could not be determined with 100% certainty by the author. Various information has floated around on the internet but nothing from a reputable source. Other Sakishima Sappanwood Trees can be found on Iriomote (maybe the largest within the Ryukyu Archipelago).

Directions. The tree is not far from the Higashi Museum. See map above. Study the landmarks that take you to the Museum. Once you pass the Highway 331 and 70 intersection look for two landmarks along Highway 70 that will take you to the museum (blue route). There are two posted along Highway 70. One is a 'vending area' for tourist and the other is the 'Y-Fork' in the road where you turn into. At the 'Y-Fork' turn-off you will see a radio antennae looking structure to the left. There will also be signs posted on the ground in Japanese. Click here to see what it looks like. Once you are along the 'blue route' at some point you will have to cross to the west side of the Fukuji River. Look for a parking area with a sign for a landmark. The tree is within the treeline of this parking area.

Other places of interest nearby. The Higashi Museum, The Azalea Festival (March Only), Meoto Falls.

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