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Sunday, November 13, 2011

"Pineapple House in Naha City"

The Pineapple House in Naha City

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Pineapple House in Naha City

     N 26 12.341E 127 39.814

Pineapple House in Naha City

For those of you who like Okinawa's specialty pineapple goodies, you no longer just have to travel to Nago's Pineapple Park to fine them. The Pineapple Park has a smaller store located in Naha City that can fulfill your pineapple delights. It is called the 'Pineapple House' and is located just off Highway 331 and is about 5 minutes away from the Naha Airport. Though a distance for some, it is however, another option if you are down in that area. 

Just like what you find at the Nago Pineapple Park, you will see an assortment of pineapple cakes, wine, and cookies. They have little tasting samples near their pineapple delicacies if you wish to give it a try before you buy. See photo album above to see some of the various assortments inside the store. On the second floor is a restaurant if you wish to have lunch while you are there. If anything, give their Pineapple Soft Cream a shot.

Getting there. The Pineapple House is off Highway 331. It sits a little high above the road so it may not be immediate apparent when drive near it. Look for a large statue of a pineapple that sits in their parking lot as a landmark. Click on the icon above to see this pineapple.

Parking. Parking is available on location.

Hours: 9am-6pm, everyday, even holidays.
Phone: 098-858-9000. (Though they maintain they are open 24/7, it is always best to call before you go)
Currency. Yen and Credit Card

Other places of interest nearby: Sumiyoshi Shrine, Tribute Monument to Hibari Misora, Fukushuen Chinese Garden, Manko Waterbird & Wetland Center.

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