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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"Azama Port: Gateway to Kudaka Island"

Inside the Kudaka Ferry at Azama Port

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"Azama Port: Gateway to Kudaka Island"
     N 26 10.745E 127 49.612

Azama Port: Gateway to Kudaka Island

Welcome to Chinen's Azama Port of Nanjo City. What makes this port special is that it is the only port to take you to the most sacred land in all of Okinawa, Kudaka Island, and hence deserves a Map It! Profile of its own. This is a two part series on Kudaka Island. Part One discusses preparation and travel to Kudaka Island. Part Two is about Kudaka Island itself.

Things you should know before you go. Kudaka Island is considered a very sacred place to Okinawans. According to tradition this is where the Ryukyu God first descended upon and created the first Okinawan people. Because of its spiritual significance there are numerous ceremonies held throughout the year. Kudaka Island is open to all, but there is one place, called 'Fubo Utaki', that is forbidden to the general public. See photo of the sign where you are not permitted to pass. With the exception of Fubo Utaki, you are welcome to take pictures of anywhere else on the island. If you happen to be there during a ritual gathering please avoid taking any photos unless they give you their express permission to do so. Also, please do not take any natural souvenirs (rocks, sand etc) from Kudaka. The Ryukyu God will be watching.

If you feel a little anxious about going to a remote island, don't be. You will be okay...just don't miss the last boat back! As a precaution, on your first trip to Kudaka, consider going an earlier boat ride back instead of banking on the last scheduled ride back... just in case. If you do miss the last ferry ride, go to the main office at the Kudaka Port and see if they can assist you from there. Ask if someone speaks English to assist you. There is a lodge there on Kudaka but it is on a reservation basis only. However, you may be able to work something out.   

Your Journey to Kudaka starts here. <<Click Here For Your Travel Prep to Kudaka Island>>

Phone number: Azama Port: 098-948-7785, Kudaka Port 098-948-2873

To learn more about Kudaka Island, please refer to this post: In the Beginning, there was Kudaka-Jima

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