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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"The Graveyard of Ginowan-Udun"

Graveyard of Ginowan Udun

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Graveyard of Ginowan-Udun

     N 26 13.821E 127 42.757

The Graveyard of Ginowan-Udun

This is the graveyard of Ginowan-Udun, a one time prince of the Ryukyu Kingdom during the OFU period. The grave is found at the Sueyoshi Park and is very close to the Sueyoshi Shrine. The construction of the grave is similar to many of the 'turtle back' graves seen throughout Okinawa. However, this tomb is the "oldest existing tomb displaying a gentle curvy line", called the 'Mayu' or eyebrow, above the grave opening (source, inscription). The tomb was constructed near the beginning of the 18th Century and those built afterwards were built in a different manner. What is is also unique to this grave is a stone wall called the 'Hinpun' that lies in front of the grave. The only way to enter the graveyard are from the sides of the stone wall which was intentionally designed to be narrow. Thus, making sure that the coffin 'had' to be lifted above the stone wall. This was a form of symbolic expression of making one's journey to the 'other' world difficult.  Source of information was found in English near the graveyard

See the post below titled "The Sueyoshi Forest Park" for directions. The graveyard can be found on one of the trails at the park. See the Map Icon above to get an orientation.

Other places of interest nearby: Sueyoshi Forest Park, The Sueyoshi Shrine.

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