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Saturday, May 16, 2015

"The Yohena Ajisai (Hydrangea) Gardens"

Ajisai or Hydrangea Flowers at the Yohena Ajisai Garden

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Yohena Ajisai Garden, Motobu

     N 26 38.831E 127 56.707

The Yohena Ajisai (Hydrangea) Gardens, Izumi

You can never fall short of seeing beautiful flowers here on Okinawa. Around mid-May to the end of June marks the season for Ajisai's, or better known in English as Hydrangea Flowers. In Izumi of Motobu Town, and elderly woman named Mrs. Uto Yohena, turned her home landscape into beautiful flora display of Hydrangea Flowers. She first opened her garden to the public in 2001 (Mrs. Yohena turns 96 in 2013). Since then she has greeted visitors from all over the island as they come and gaze over her purple beauties. In October of 2010, Mrs. Yohena was formally recognized for her deeds and received the “Regional Contribution Award” by the Okinawa Times Newspaper. She is one of the friendliest 'Oba-chans' you will ever meet. Though Hydrangea Flowers make up most of the scenery (mainly purple), you will see various other flowers of different colors and species.

Visitor Information.
Time Period. Mid-May to end of June (2015, May 17 - 30 June)
Admission Fee. Adults: 300 Yen, Children Ages 7 – 18: 100 Yen, Children 6 and Under:  Free
Hours. Open Daily during viewing season 9am to 6pm (till June 30)
Parking. Available and Free.
Website (In English).
Website (In Japanese)
Phone Number. 098 047 2183
Restrooms. Available
Baby Strollers. Though there are some areas that will facilitate the use of baby strollers, there are other areas that can only be accessed by the use of stairs. Plan accordingly.

Considerations. Consider visiting the garden before the first Typhoon hits Okinawa. June marks the beginning of Typhoon season.

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Directions. From Highway 58, take Highway 84 going towards Motobu. You will see signs for Highway 123. Continue on Highway 84 passing the Highway 123/Highway 84 T-intersection. Shortly after, you will pass an ENEOS gas station (on the right). As soon as you pass this Gas Station, you will turn left. Look for this Orange-shape structure on the left-hand side. The turn-off will be before this structure. From here look at the Google Map and follow the Blue and Green Route. The Green Route takes you to the Yohena Ajisai Gardens. Look for this sign off the main road which directs you to the Yohena Garden parking lot. (Note: The entire Blue Route takes you to the Natural Stone Garden).

Source of Information. Interview with Mrs. Yohena's daughter, Yohena Ajisai Garden Website.

Other Places of Interest Nearby. Shizen Sekitei (The Natural Stone) Garden.


  1. An excellent and useful post, as usual. Thank you for sharing these awesome adventures!. Your directions were spot-on, and I had no problem finding the gardens which is great especially since you can't see them from the road so I would never have known they were there without this information ...

    1. GT, thank you very much. Glad you got to go to the Gardens. I hope to have some other great areas for you soon. Found some neat areas yesterday but could not complete the entire journey. Have to go back and hope to have it this month for you all.