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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"The Nanjo Sunrise and Cape Chinen"

Sunrise at Cape Chinen

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The Nanjo Sunrise and Cape Chinen

     N 26 10.009E 127 49.790

The Nanjo Sunrise and Cape Chinen

If you are an early, early morning person and don't mind a little road trip to the southern portion of Okinawa, then a sunrise to start off your day might not be a bad way to begin your sight seeing adventure. The picture you see above was taken from Cape Chinen (Chinen Misaki) in Nanjo City just after sunrise. The chrome sculpture in the foreground adds a nice touch against the early morning rays, and as with most sunrises, you will capture the varying transitioning colors as the sun ascends into the morning sky. From Cape Chinen, both Kudaka and Komaka Jima can be seen in the immediate background, and if you are planning a day trip to either island, then making a sunrise as your first checklist item wouldn't be a bad way to kick things off.

But still, if you are not an early riser, a short break at Cape Chinen during one of your road trips is highly recommended. See photo album above or click here to see other photos of Cape Chinen during the day.

Directions. The turn-off to Cape Chinen is just off Highway 331. You will see a large visible sign on the Highway 331 pointing you in the direction. See LandMark above. Collocated at the turn-off is the Nanjo City Information Center that may provide other information of local attractions in the area.

Other places of interest nearby. Kudaka Jima, Azama Port, Komaka Jima.

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