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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

"Sesoko Beach"

Sesoko Beach

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Sesoko Beach

     N 26 38.895E 127 51.299

Sesoko Beach, Motobu Town

Sesoko Beach is not like any other beach you will find here on Okinawa. It offers a good variety of small scenic adventures and recreational activities on this very quiet but beautiful island of Sesoko. The beach stretches to about 650 meters with the bookends surrounded by jagged coral cliffs with small caves embedded in the them. At some points it feels like being in a maze as you navigate up and down the shore. Low tide offers you the chance to venture out little further to take a peek to see what's around the corner. In the background, you will see a small flat island called Minna Jima, and further north a much larger island, Ie Shima, which at glance appears to have a 'Mt. Fuji' like mountain* in the middle. Sesoko Beach is a very beautiful beach surrounded by very beautiful natural landscape. It is a great place to visit and relax throughout the year.

The future of Sesoko Beach. It appears that a large resort facility adjacent to the beach is under construction, but whether it comes to fruition is uncertain. As of right now, Sesoko Beach does not appear to be marred by large over populated towns. For the most part, the surrounding landscape is still preserved in its natural form which makes Sesoko Beach all the more special.

* The mountain-like hill on Ie Shima is called Mt. Gusuku.

Posted Beach Rules.
1. Swim in patrolled areas only.
2. Beach hours
    July to September 9:00AM - 5:30PM
    April to June and October 9:00AM - 5:00PM
3. Do not enter the water if you have been consuming alcohol.
4. Watch your children! All children must have an adult in close proximity at all times.
5. Beaches are staffed by lifeguards only during posted hours. Beach use it at individual's own risk.
6. Keep your beach clean and safe.

Author's note. Certain facilities/rules may or may not be available/apply during the non-tourist season. Some of the items below were not visible during the fall and winter season. Plan accordingly. Sesoko Beach will be revisited to see if changes to facilities have been made. It appeared that upgrades were being made to the facilities at the time of this post. Changes may occur in the near future.

Swim nets. Swim nets were visible during the summer tourist season. However, they were not visible during the fall and winter season. Swim at your own risk.
Rentals. During tourist season recreational equipment (beach umbrella etc.) can be rented out. Not seen during the fall and winter season.
Food Stands. Small food stands were only visible during tourist season.
Restroom. Special toilet facilities were visible during the tourist season, however not visible in the fall and winter season.

Parking. During tourist season, they do not allow you to park nearby on the street-side. They have a designated parking lot. At the time of this post, parking cost was 1000 Yen. You can park for free further up the road but it will be at a good distance to the beach. When visiting during the fall and winter season, the lot was closed and parking was allowed on the street-side. Park at your own risk.

Directions. Take Highway 172 from Highway 449 in Motobu. Once you get on the 172 you will cross the Sesoko Bridge. Follow Highway 172 to the designated LandMark (radio/cell tower). The radio/cell tower will be on the left just past the intersection you are supposed to turn right on. This is where the designated Blue Route begins. If you drive straight along the Blue Route, you will end up at Sesoko Beach.

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  1. That resort went belly up at the start of the Great Recession. Guess they had a lot of their funding leveraged with those "banksters" Lehman Brothers. It would be nice if someone with some money would finish it but, right now the luxury resort market would seem to be pretty much saturated.