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Monday, June 11, 2012

"Sunabe Baba Park & Beach"

Beach near Sunabe Baba Park

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Sunabe Baba Park & Beach

     N 26 20.028E 127 44.700

Sunabe Baba Park & Beach

A great outdoor combination, Sunabe Baba Park accommodates a nice mixture of recreational facilities, while being next to a very warm and relaxing beach. Here many families come to spend time with each other, whether it's playing at the park, spending some time in the sun, or strolling along the water's edge during low tide. Included at the park are sit down areas, playground equipment, a basketball court, and a skateboard park. A five minute walk from the park takes you to the local beach where you can just sit and enjoy the scenery. Below are basic guidelines from the Chatan Park management.

Rules & Regulation.
1. Please clean up after your pets. (Though not openly stated, recommend having leashes for your pets due to high volume of children in the area).
2. Barbeques are not allowed.
3. On weekdays, the skateboard park is open 3pm to 8pm. Holiday's and weekends is 9am to 20am.
4. Personnel utilizing the skateboard ring must wear a helmet before they can go inside.

Bathroom Facilities: Available.
Shaded Areas: Available, but limited.
Swimming: There are rocky shallow areas that may not be suitable for swimming.
Parking. Available. See green icon above. Limited during weekends & Holidays

Directions. The turn-off is on Highway 58, two traffic lights north of the Highway 23 & Highway 58 Intersection. See map above. Look for the street sign designated by the pink thumbtack above.

Other places of interest nearby. Kumaya Cave.

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