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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

"Off The Beaten Path - Hamahiga"

Cliff at Hamahiga Island

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Off the Beaten Path - Hamahiga

     N 26 19.389E 127 57.089

Off The Beaten Path - Hamahiga

If you happen to be at the beach at Hamahiga Island and like little side ventures while you're there, then there is a small off-the-beaten path that you may like which takes you further south on the western side of the island. If you wanted to walk a family pet, or just like to take a 45 minute round-trip stroll, then this off-the-beaten path isn't soo bad. Along the way you will see a few farms off to the side and a few little interesting coral rock formations. A few fisherman come here every now and then to get away in their own little hide-away in search for the 'big catch'. And if you like taking pictures of butterflies, then you have plenty to keep you occupied. They saturate the flowers along the trail non-stop. Bring a friend, camera, and a bento lunch. You may want to stop for awhile as you soak in the sun. At the end, you will get closer and closer to a very commanding looking cliff-side.

What to bring. Umbrella for shade, bug repellant, sun lotion, water, camera.

Where the path begins. The path starts at the balloon icon you see in the map. It sits next to the southern end of the parking lot. You will notice a make-shift gate prevent cars to go through. This is where you cross.

Warning. As you get closer and closer to the cliff-side you may be tempted to climb up some large coral rocks. These are highly dangerous for climbing. They are not sturdy and have jagged edges which can easily cut through skin.

Other places of interest nearby. Agari no Utaki, Hamahiga Beach, Amamichu's Grave, Shirumichu, The Gateway.

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