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Saturday, January 14, 2012

"Noroga and Remnants of an Old Sugar Factory"

A tall chimney left over from an old 1940 sugar factory

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Noroga and Remnants of an Old Sugar Factory

     N 26 18.300E 127 54.630

Noroga and Remnants of an Old Sugar Factory

It is pretty rare to see an old style brick chimney here on Okinawa. What you see above is what's left over from an old sugar factory built in 1940. Four years after its construction it was destroyed during the war (the translation on the sign did not specify if it was destroyed as a result of the war). The only thing left now is an old chimney and a sugar cane field that overlooks the western side of Katsuren Peninsula. To the east is a spring called Noroga (or Nuruga) and people of the nearby village come here to pray for prosperity. The trail to the spring is pretty noticeable off to the side. As you get closer you will see a large tree slumped over the spring. Water flows gently down a small dug out reservoir.

Other places nearby. From the sugar factory location, if you continue north along the peninsula you will eventually get to the backside of Katsuren Castle where you can take a good photograph of the castle elevated on a hill top. At several points you can get a good view of the ocean down below. If you are really into the 'off the beaten path' stuff, then there are some roads along the farms that take you further down to the beach side where you can see some unusual coral rock formations. If you do so, you may have to park your car at a reasonable distance and walk the rest of the way towards the beach. Roads in this area can be tight. Please study the map above. 

Getting there. Getting to the Old Sugar Factory grounds is not difficult. The turn-off is about 500 meters away from the main entrance to the White Beach U.S. Naval Facility. If you look at the map you will see a landmark with a historical sign that points to the 'Heshikiya Takino' historical site. Once you make the turn, 500 meters later you will see the chimney on your left-hand side along with a sign marker

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