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Thursday, November 7, 2013


The peak of Mt. Katsuu

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     N 26 37.855E 127 56.346

       *GPS to starting point


Katsuu-dake, or Katsuu-yama, is one of the 'three sisters' of visible mountains that dominant the southeastern region of the Motobu Peninsula. The other being Yae-dake and Awa-dake; Katsuu being in the middle in regards to elevation. A forth, but less noticeable is Furushi-dake, which blends in just below Mt. Katsuu when viewed from a distance. Like many mountain ranges here on Okinawa, limestone dating back to the Mesozoic Era can be seen scattered throughout the terrain(1). The trail leading to the top of Mt. Katsuu is a relaxing 45 minute to an hour hike. If you love the outdoors and a place to enjoy the quiet serenity of nature, Mt. Katsuu will not disappoint you.

Katsuu Highlights.
-10 meter vertical cave-like drop midway along the trail. Roped off to mark danger area.
-Visible regions from the peak: Nago Bay, Yae-dake, Awa-dake, Furushi-dake, northwestern side of the Okinawan coastline.

Summary Information.
Name: Katsuu-dake (Katsuu-yama, Mt. Katsuu).
Elevation. 452 meters (1482.94 feet)(2)
Peak GPS Coordinate: N26 37.862 E127 56.105
Starting Point GPS Coordinate: GPS N26 37.855 E127 56.346
Estimated Time to Peak: 45minutes – 1 hour (one way)
Parking Area Area: Same as starting point.
Recommended Emergency Rendezvous Point: Same as starting point.

Recommended Guidelines (PLEASE READ!!!).
1. Age. Climbing is suitable for children (parental discretion on age) and adults who have good agility, mental awareness, and are physically fit.
2. Greatest dangers are tripping and falling. Wear shoes or boots that have good traction. Tennis shoes may be too slippery on some rock surfaces.
3. Tuck in all loose straps to include shoe laces to prevent getting snagged and tripping.
4. Highly recommend hiking gloves of some kind. You may be required to climb using your hands in some areas.
5. Base your clothing on the time of year and comfort level. For this particular trail there are no specifics for attire.
6. Bring plenty of water and nourishments.
7. Recommend a good hat for shade or cover up with a moist towel.
8. Bug repellent. Bring per your discretion.
9. Let someone know where you are going, and recommend a climbing buddy.

Notes/Source of Information
1. Limestone origin provided by a Nago City sign board.
2. Elevation taken from a Nago City sign board.

Directions/Parking. Take Highway 58 North and turn on to Highway 449 goings towards Motobu Town. About another 10 minutes later look for large street signs in English directing you to Mt. Katsuu. Parking will be at the very end of the route identified by the Green Thumbtack in the map.

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