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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"The Minzoku Shiryokan Museum of Nago City"

Inside the Minzoku Shiryokan

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Minzoku Shiryokan (Natural History & Folklore Museum)

     N 26 36.792E 128 00.778

The Minzoku Shiryokan of Nago City

There may not be another museum like this on the island. It is perhaps one of few museums on Okinawa that is privately own – and for its size, it is extremely well organized. This is the Minzoku Shiryokan of Nago City. The owner and curator, Mr. Makabi, has been collecting historical items for years and has a phenomenal collection of antiques and modern-day artifacts. Much of the collection are items from the last century – everything from vinyl records to vintage cameras. Please see photo album above or click here to see the entire collection. The term 'minzoku shiryokan' translates to natural history and folklore museum. The museum is housed in three main areas (two on the first floor, one on the second floor), with several antique items outside to include an old fire truck. Collocated with the museum is a small restaurant, and  inside it is a small room filled with a collection of 'zippo' style cigarette lighters.

Because most of the collection is from the last century, it is not hard to understand what you will be seeing. But to get the most out this experience, it is best if you bring a friend or someone who is fluent in Japanese should you have any questions. There are no explanation signs in English. The family-run staff is extremely friendly however, and this gives you an opportunity to practice your Japanese.

Hours. 9am-5pm (advertised 6pm on their website)
Open. Daily
Telephone Number. 098 058 3355
Website (Japanese only).
Entrance Fee. Adults 500 Yen (400 Yen for groups of 10 or more), Children 200 Yen (100 Yen for groups of 10 or more)

Directions. The museum is located in the northern part of Nago City. The Google Map in this area is blurred out. However, the museum is very close to Highway 58. Look for a JASS Gas Station (see map landmark above) at the 'Taira' traffic intersection as the landmark to turnoff. Once you make the turn, on the first major '4-way' paved intersection (300m from Highway 58) make a left. The museum will be about another 250m on your right. Look for this entrance way (click here).

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  1. Nice find! It reminds me of a spot on NHK's "Good Morning Kyushu" last week that followed a guy in Okinawa who goes searching through old caves and stuff collecting and documenting all kinds of old war-time relics

  2. This place actually appeared on a program on NHK as well as a newscast. That's how I discovered it and then got Ryukyu Ryu and Ryukyu Mike to go here on that rainy day.