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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Tanbo Matsuri - Rice Paddy/Mud Festival, Kin Town

Families at the Rice Paddy Festival

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Kin Town Rice Field Festival

     N 26 27.391E 127 56.487

Rice Paddy Festival, Kin Town (たんぼ 祭り, 金武町)

Update/Be Advised: This year (2017) there will be additional parking with shuttle bus services. The auxiliary parking is located on Highway 104 at the Fire Training lot (about 2 minute drive from Highway 329/104 intersection). Highway 104 intersects with Highway 329 just before the Kin Dam on the southside. It is plotted on the map. It is not certain how far they are going to block off parking near the main event location.

Event: Rice Paddy Festival/Tanbo Matsuri (sometimes referred to as the Kin Town Mud Festival)
When: Wednesday, 2017 May 3
Time: 1000-1700
Entrance Fee: Free, (Playing in the rice paddy is free). There are other kids activities that may cost from 300 ¥ to 1500 ¥ (kayaking, banana boat ride etc.)
Restrooms: On location.
Flyer Information. Visit Kin Town Facebook Post.

1. Swimming attire is recommended when playing in the mud.
2. Families often bring pool accessories, such as floatation devices and swim googles.
3. Bring an extra change of clothes. Bring a large bag to carry dirty/muddy clothes.
4. Consider bringing extra towels or blankets for your car seats. (Normally, there is a line for one giant wash station. It will not, however, clean off all the mud).
5. Try to make all restroom stops before attending the festival.
6. Consider bringing items for shade (hat, umbrella etc.)

Parking. There is designating parking. However, this can get full rather quick. In the event that it is full. Please observe where others are parking and avoid parking in areas that would cause congestion. This may require a little walking.

Directions. The event is located at the Nature Mirai-kan Recreational Facility in  Kin Town. Please view the map for the most direct route. If traveling north on Highway 329, take the first immediate left just before the Kin Bridge (designated by a pink thumbtack). You will travel down a hill and see the Kin Dam shortly after (it will be on your left). Near the bottom of the hill you will see an improved road that takes you east under the Kin Bridge and then towards the ocean. The Okukubi River will be on your right. The Nature Mirai-kan facility is near the mouth of the river. The rice paddy field will be about 100 meters away from the main facility.

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